Streaming MIX09 videos to Xbox360

Step 1: MIX09 videos RSS feed

Luckily for me there’s an RSS feed for the posted MIX09 videos right on the session videos page. Copy its URL and paste into Step 2.

Step 2: Yahoo! Pipes

I used Yahoo! Pipes to modify the RSS feed, adding an enclosure link to each feed item. The pipe actually fetches each video’s page and looks for the direct link to the video (*.wmv). Here’s the result.

Step 3: TVersity

TVersity is a free UPnP media server the works with many devices (including the non-standard UPnP used by the Xbox360). It can transcode files on-the-fly and stream videos from the web. So add that feed we created from Step 2 to TVersity’s media library.

Step 3 Alternative: Download them

Since our feed now includes the videos as enclosures, most RSS reader or podcast downloader software (like FeedDemon) can download them for you. Even iTunes would have worked if the videos where encoded as MP4 instead of WMV. *cough*

Step 4: Watch ’em!

Hope you have faster broadband than I do (buffering…).


I use TVersity to stream all kind of media to Xbox360. YouTube videos and Flickr photos are natively supported. With RSS feeds and some Yahoo! Pipes, you can stream almost anything! I stream deviantART images, NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, even xkcd, Dilbert, and Ctrl+Alt+Del comics.


EDIT 2009-03-24:

The whole exercise is now useless since the MIX09 videos RSS feed ( now includes enclosures. It was still a good example of how to use Yahoo! Pipes to alter RSS feeds.